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I offer online tutoring and consulting, I will solve a problem which you may have surrounding your business. If your business is struggling to grow online, though social media or search engines I will be able to help you throughout the process so your not alone, the payment rate depends on weekly hours needed to help grow your business online.

On the other hand, I offer online tuition where I will teach you a new skill which I'm very knowledgeable each lesson has a standard price on what you want to learn. Theses lessons can be from 1 hour on wards, it just depends on what you wish to learn. I will bring you all my expertise in that department throughout the lesson and I will be only focused on you throughout the lesson. There is no hourly rate so once you understand your new skill that will be it. They will only be a standalone price at the beginning and that's it.

Don't be afraid to ask me any questions or concerns at my contact page, I hope we get in touch soon.


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