Digital Panther

Digital Panther Website Rebrand

A company with over 14 years experience in the signage industry.

The Project

This was Digitalpanther's second project they have got have got from me, this time they wanted to go a more professional route than unique, instead of a just HTML website, they wanted to use the WordPress platform because of its easy access for them to change and update things within the website. Also, they to add more features to their websites such as live chat and a video to impress their clients. Also a lot more extensive search engine optimisation has been put in place so they will be able to rank higher within search engines.

Present Day

As the start of 2017, I have been working with Digital Panther since they were impressed with my services, so they decided to add me to their two man team. They are now offering a web development service apart of their company and I am handling all their web design and development requests. This has been a massive opportunity for me to be working with a company which has over 14 years old in the sign industry.

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